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Paired passage practice 1

Quiz by Patricia Navarro

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    From the information presented throughout the selection, the reader can conclude
    only farm animals should be used for pet therapy
    Pet therapy can only be done through the use of dogs
    any animal can be used for pet therapy
    Animals used for pet therapy must be well trained
  • Q2
    The author speaks directly to the reader in paragraph 1 in order to
    share a story about a miniature horse who does pet therapy
    tell how to raise a miniature horse
    persuade the reader to get a miniature horse
    help the reader visualize the experience of pet therapy
  • Q3
    which of the following supports the author's opinion that animals can have a positive effect on humans?
    You see a miniature horse wearing yellow rubber booties and a backpack ful of daisies
    Most of the pet therapy programs, like paws on a mission use dogs as their animal of choice
    The key to bringing the benefits of animal companionship to patients is local pet owners
    Even when you are having a bad day, a few moments with a beloved pet can turn your day around
  • Q4
    In which section of the selection could the reader find information about the benefits of pet therapy with hospital patients>
    Pets to the Rescue
    The Joy of Pets
    Pet Therapy Programs
  • Q5
    Which of the following is a fact from the article?
    Paws on a Mission, a pet therapy organization, uses dogs as therapy animals
    pet therapy can cure people who are sick
    pet therapy only works for Alzheimer's patients
    pets always make people happy
  • Q6
    How does the author organize the information in the article?
    describes reasons for the program, and then gives its effects
    compares pet therapy to other hospital programs
    tells how pet therapy programs were started in chronological order
    provides reasons for the program, and then gives its effects
  • Q7
    which word or words in paragraph 5 help h reader understand what ailment means
    children and elderly
    people, patients
    disease, illness
  • Q8
    what is the meaning of the phrase "turn your day around" in paragraph 2?
    make you spin in circles
    make tie in reverse
    make a right turn
    make your day better
  • Q9
    the author wrote this selection most likely to
    describe the benefits of pet therapy programs
    solve the problem of pets needing a home
    entertain the reader with animal stories
    explain how doctors help patients heal
  • Q10
    what is paragraph 5 mainly about?
    what it is like to have alzheimer's
    types of animals that can participate in animal therapy
    what volunteers can do
    who can benefit from pet therapy

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