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Paleolithic Era Exit Ticket

Quiz by Lisa Wise

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  • Q1
    Paleolithic means:
    New Stone Age
    Old Stone Age
    First Civilization
    Medieval Era
  • Q2
    Early Humans were considered Nomads because:
    they were constantly moving from place to place
    hunted for food
    lived in caves
    made tools out of stone
  • Q3
    What are the classification (characteristics) that defines a hominid?
    lacking mobility
    being in the mammal family
    constantly moving from place to place
    stand upright, two-legged
  • Q4
    It is unlikely that the earliest humans were aggressive hunters. They most likely were primarily vegetarians who occasionally ate meat that was mostly scavenged from the leftovers of kills abandoned by lions, leopards, and other large predators. What does the word scavenged mean?
    eats dead animals rather than or in addition to hunting live prey
    moving from place to place
    search and hunt for animals using weapons
  • Q5
    Bipedal is one of the things that makes us hominids, it refers to __________________________________
    moving at a faster pace then most animals
    walking on two legs
    standing upright
    having a larger brain then our early ancestors

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