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Paleolithic Times (1)

Quiz by Pamela O'Neill

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14 questions
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  • Q1
    With tools improving throughout the paleolithic period it showed
    that they possessed good problem solving skills
    ever changing government
    had established communities
    talked a lot about how to do it
  • Q2
    What was a regular part of the lives of paleolithic hunter gatherers?
    putting in irrigation systems to water the plants
    Building bridges over the rivers
    making lots of craft items like bowls.
    migrating with the animals and following the seasonal food
  • Q3
    Mastering fire made which development possible during the Paleolithic period?
    migration into northern/colder regions
    establishment of permanent settlements
    development of government
    raising animals
  • Q4
    Why did hunter-gatherers move from place to place?
    climate change constantly changed the food supplies early humans relied on for survival
    They learned to use horses to help with the hunt.
    Early humans moved from place to place because they didn't like where they were living
    plants and animals early humans survived on were migratory and seasonal
  • Q5
    What is the main reason archaeologists and historians study objects and fossils from the past?
    to learn what the objects are made of
    to learn what life was like in the past
    to learn about modern life
    to learn if they are real or fake
  • Q6
    The tools during Paleolithic time were made of
    stone and metal
    there were no tools
    metal like steel
    stones, bones and sticks mainly
  • Q7
    During the Paleolithic period there was a surplus of food
  • Q8
    During the paleolithic period, humans were nomadic, following the animals and seasonal food.
  • Q9
    During the Paleolithic Period we had settled communities where people lived a long time.
  • Q10
    Everyone's job was centered around
    eating, finding food
    building homes
    creating fun crafts
  • Q11
    Migrate means
    move from place to place
    staying in one location
    specific time of the year
  • Q12
    When archeologists studied the remains of animals found in caves and ancient campsites, they found
    pieces of copper and iron that suggested they used guns to kill the animals
    animal bones with marks, chips and holes that suggest the type of tools the hunters used to kill the animals.
    nothing that told them about how people lived during that time.
  • Q13
    Men mainly hunted and women mainly did the hunting and gathering. Why were the gatherers essential
    You couldn't always guarantee that you would be successful at hunting animals
    They were just better at their job
    They always found the best stuff
  • Q14
    What does it mean to be a hunter-gatherer?
    someone who is in charge of hunting animals while someone else tends the farm
    someone who raises animals and farms
    Someone who is nomadic and follows the animals they hunted and gathered food as they went.

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