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Part 1- Final Exam

Quiz by Kailey Morrison

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25 questions
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  • Q1
    The ___ lived in the Southwest, in present-day New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, and Colorado.
  • Q2
    The___ civilization is the oldest known Mesoamerican civilization.
  • Q3
    Since the Inca lacked a writing system, they...
    kept records using a system of knotted strings called quipu
    passes their cultural and religious history down through elaborate smoke signals.
    never attained a high level of cultural development.
    conquered the Mayans and adopted their written language.
  • Q4
    The Aztec initially accepted the Spanish because
    the Spanish showered them with exotic gifts that they had never seen before.
    They wanted to obtain the advanced weapons and armor the Spaniards possessed.
    The Spanish had dentists who fixed their teeth.
    They took the cross on the Spaniards' breastplates to be the sign that Quetzalcoatl was returning.
  • Q5
    The Hopewell peoples are especially known for
    the earth mounds they built.
    the Grand Council
    the colorful beads they made.
    the windmills they built

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