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  • Q1
    Why is the region of Kashmir a source of conflict among nations of South Asia?
    It is the only region dominated by Sikhs.
    Its people are predominantly Hindu, surrounded by an Islamic nation.
    Its people are predominantly Islamic, though controlled by India.
    It is an extremely poor region that often faces natural disasters.
  • Q2
    While both North America and South Asia experienced British colonization, cultural patterns in South Asia were more strongly influenced by —
    British literary and artistic styles
    rapid population growth
    European social customs
    ancient religious traditions
  • Q3
    The boundaries between Pakistan and India were established after
    peace treaties ending the Second World War were signed
    a 1945 Balochistan earthquake devastated the region
    British leaders ended colonial rule over the region in 1947
    the creation of a Sikh and Muslim coalition to promote peace
  • Q4
    After British leaders ended colonial rule of India, Indian leaders consolidated their authority over the subcontinent by —
    opening diplomatic relations with Russia
    expelling Sikhs from the region
    ratifying a constitution
    making English the official language
  • Q5
    After gaining independence in 1947, ethnic and religious differences continued to trouble Pakistan. Early efforts to establish stability in the region eventually resulted in which group dominating political control of Pakistan?
    British monarchs
    Military officers
    Muslim ayatollahs
    United Nations peacekeepers
  • Q6
    Which historic conflict was a primary reason for the political division of Pakistan and India?
    Disputes between Muslims and Hindus
    Tensions between the British and Indian leaders
    Differences between Hindus and Sikhs
    Cold War tensions between the United States and Russia

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