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Part 107 Chapter 2 Quiz

Quiz by Mario Werth

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30 questions
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  • Q1
    1067. The most comprehensive information on a given airport is provided by
    Airport Facility Directory
    Terminal Area chart (TAC)
    Notices to Airman (NOTAM's)
  • Q2
    1070. Flight Data Center (FDC) NOTAMS are issued by the National Flight Data Center and contain regulatory information such as
    standard communication procedures at controlled airports.
    temporary flight restrictions.
    Markings and signs used at airport
  • Q3
    1071. Time-critical information on airports and changes that affect the national airspace system are provided by
    Notices to Airmen (NOTAMS)
    Advisory Circulars
    Airport Facility Directory or A/FD
  • Q4
    1072. One of the purposes for issuing a temporary flight restriction (TFR)
    identify Airport Advisory Area
    protect public figures
    announce Parachute Jump Areas
  • Q5
    1075. (Refer to figure 31.) Within what airspace is Coeur D'Alene Pappy Boyington Fld located
    Question Image
    Class D
    Class B
    Class E
  • Q6
    1085. (Refer to figure 78) in what airspace is Onawa IA (k36) located?
    Question Image
    Class D
    Class G
    Class E
  • Q7
    1327. (Refer to figure 78) what class of Airspace is associated with SIOUX GATE-WAY/COL DAY (SUX) Airport?
    Class C
    Class B
    Class D
  • Q8
    1079. According to 14CFR Part 107, the remote PIC of a small unmanned aircraft planning to operate within Class C airspace.
    must use a visual observer.
    is required to receive ATC authorization
    is required to file a flight plan
  • Q9
    1282. (Refer to figure 78) you have been hired to fly your UA to inspect train tracks from the town of Hinton to the town of Winnebago. Will you be able to conduct this flight without contacting ATC?
    Question Image
    No because you will pass through Class E airspace
    Yes because you will remain under 400 Feet
    No because you will pass through Class D airspace
  • Q10
    1301. What are the requirements for operating an sUAS in Class C airspace
    2 way radio and transponder with altitude reporting capabilities
    ATC authorization and visual observer
    2 way radio and visual observer
  • Q11
    1087. Responsibility for collision avoidance in alert area rests with
    the controlling agency
    all pilots
  • Q12
    1100. (Refer to Figure 20 area 3 ) With ATC authorization, you are operating your small unmanned aircraft approximately 4 SM southeast of Elizabeth City Regional Airport (ECG). What hazard is indicated to be in that area?
    Question Image
    High density military operations in the vicinity
    Unmarked balloon on a cable up to 3,008 feet MSL
    Unmarked balloon on a cable up to 3,008 feet AGL
  • Q13
    1101 (Refer to Figure 20 area 2 ) Why would the small flag at Lake Drummond be important to remote pilot?
    Question Image
    This is a GPS check point that can be used by both manned and remote pilots for orientation
    this indicates that there will be a large obstruction depicted on the next printing of the chart
    This is a VFR check point for manned aircraft and a higher volume of air traffic should be expected there
  • Q14
    1332. (Refer to Figure 20 area 4 ) A small UA is being launched 2 NM northeast of the town of Hertford. What is the height of the highest obstacle
    Question Image
    399 MSL
    500 MSL
    500 AGL
  • Q15
    1109. (Refer to Figure 20 area 3 ) What is the latitude and longitude location of Elizabeth City CGAS RGL (ECG)?
    Question Image
    N 36 16' W 76 10'
    N 37 0' W 77 10'
    W 36 10' N 76 10'

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