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Part 107 Chapter 3 Quiz

Quiz by Mario Werth

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  • Q1
    1135. Which of the following considerations is most relevant to a remote PIC when evaluating unmanned aircraft performance?
    The type of UAS operations.
    Current weather conditions
    The number of available ground crew
  • Q2
    1136. Every physical process of weather is accompanied by, or is the result of, a
    heat exchange
    pressure differential
    movement of air
  • Q3
    1138. The development of thermals depends upon
    a counterclockwise circulation of air
    solar heating
    temperature invation
  • Q4
    1140. While operating around buildings the remote pic should be aware of the creation of wind gusts that
    enhance stability and imagery
    change rapidly in direction and speed causing turbulence
    increase performance of the aircraft
  • Q5
    1141. A strong steady wind exists out of the north. You need to photograph an area to the south of your location. You are located in an open field with no obstructions. which of the following is not a concern during this operation?
    strong wind condition may consume more battery power at faster rate than in calm conditions.
    Turbulent condition will likely be a significant factor during the operation.
    strong wind may exceed the performance of the sUAS making it impossible to recover.
  • Q6
    1278. Wind shear can exist
    at all altitudes
    at high altitudes
    at low altitudes
  • Q7
    1272. Clouds, fog, or due will always form when
    water vapor condenses
    relative humidity reaches 100 percent
    water vapor is present
  • Q8
    1142. One of the most easily recognized discontinuities across a front is
    a change of temperature
    an increase in cloud coverage
    an increase in relative humidity
  • Q9
    1144. Which type of weather phenomenon that may concern a remote pilot is common among cold fronts?
    long periods of steady precipitation
    long periods of reduced visibility
    Thunderstorms and heavy rain
  • Q10
    1286. What weather provides the best flying condition
    Cool dry air
    warm moist air
  • Q11
    1145. A stable air mass is most likely to have which characteristic?
    turbulent air
    showery precipitation
    poor surface visibility
  • Q12
    1148. What measurement can be used to determine the stability of the atmosphere
    Actual laps rate
    Atmospheric pressure
    surface temperature
  • Q13
    1149. What would decrease the stability of an air mass?
    Warming from below
    Decrease in water vapor
    Cooling from below
  • Q14
    1151. What minimum visibility is required for sUAS operation.
    4 miles
    1 miles
    3 miles
  • Q15
    1153. What feature is normally associated with the cumulus stage of thunderstorm
    roll clouds
    continuous updraft
    frequent ligthning

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