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  • Q1

    (man): Can you help me? I’m looking for a hotel.

    (woman): _____________________.

    (man): Thanks.

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    Turn left out of the stations. Then turn right at the department store. It’s just behind the department store.

     Turn right at the Railway Station. Go along the street. It’s the second building on the next block on your the left

    Go straight for one block then turn left. Keep going to the next intersection and turn right. It’ll be on your right next to the school.

    Turn left at the corner. Go straight to the next corner then turn right.

  • Q2

    (woman1): Is there a laundry in this building?

    (woman2): Yes, there is.

    (woman1): _______________.

    (woman2) Take the elevator to the third floor. It’s next to the business center.

    Is it on the third floor?

    Can you tell me how to get there?

    Is the service good?

    Please give me a map.

  • Q3

    (woman): Hi. _____________?

    (man): Yes. This is Joe.

     Who’s calling?

     How are things?

    May I speak to Joe?

     Who do you want to speak to?

  • Q4

    (man1): Hello. _______ Can I speak to Jersey?

    (man2): Yes. Just a moment.

     How are you doing?

     How’s everything?

     Can I help you?

    Is Jersey available?

  • Q5

    (woman1): Sorry. He can’t come to the phone at the moment. ____________.

    (woman2): This is Linda. Can you ask him to call me at 08-2456-6642.

    Could you, please, give him my message?

    Would you like to leave a message?

    Could you tell him that his colleague called?

    Could you take a message?


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