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Passage 5: STAAR English I High School 2014 - Past Paper

Quiz by Christopher Merryman

Grade 9
ELAR (2009)
Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS)

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6 questions
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  • Q1
    Which words best help the reader understand the meaning of the word 'indistinct' in paragraph 4?
    wears a baseball glove
    behind their brother
    in the coming darkness
    man the field
  • Q2
    One of baseball's long-established traditions is best exemplified in the description of -
    how Jim swings in paragraph 8
    the woods on the far side of the pasture in paragraph 8
    Uncle Zeno on the pitcher's mound in paragraph 6
    how the uncles chant in paragraphs 10 and 11J
  • Q3
    Which sentence provides the strongest evidence that Jim appreciates what his uncles are doing for him?
    The boy cannot hit the baseball to his satisfaction.
    He has never heard anything so beautiful.
    The boy is arm-weary; he swings as hard as he is able.
    "I hit it just about every time," the boy says.
  • Q4
    Read the following from paragraph 8. Why does the author use personification in this quotation?
    Question Image
    The baseball game symbolizes the love of the family.
    The author is showing the distance the ball has traveled.
    The author is comparing the ball to a bird.
    The description mimics the boy's disappointment.
  • Q5
    Which line provides the best evidence that Jim has high expectations for himself?
    He blames himself for the boy's lack of success.
    He does not want it to stop.
    He silently chides himself for being cheap.
    He does not strike the mighty blow he sees in his mind.
  • Q6
    From paragraph 5, the reader can infer that the three uncles -
    used to play baseball professionally
    prefer baseball to all other games
    miss the days of their youth
    think that winning is important

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