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Passive voice

Quiz by Gerry Lawson

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    1. Active: People speak Portuguese in Brazil. Passive: Portuguese ___________ in Brazil.
    is spoken
    is spoke
    is speaked
    is speak
  • Q2
    2. Active: The staff cleans all the hotel rooms daily. Passive: The hotel rooms _________ daily.
    are cleaned
    are clean
    is cleaned
    is clean
  • Q3
    3. Active: We update the company website frequently. Passive: The company website ___________ frequently.
    are updated
    is update
    is updated
    was updated
  • Q4
    4. Active: People see this beach as the most beautiful in the country. Passive: This beach __________ as the most beautiful in the country.
    was saw
    was seen
    is saw
    is seen
  • Q5
    5. Active: Somebody ships the products via express mail. Passive: The products ___________ via express mail.
    are shipped
    were shipped
    is shipped
    is ship
  • Q6
    6. Active: A friend gave me this sweater. Passive: This sweater ________ to me by a friend.
    is given
    was gave
    was gaved
    was given
  • Q7
    7. Active: A famous author wrote these letters. Passive: These letters _________ by a famous author.
    is written
    was written
    were written
    was write
  • Q8
    8. Active: The teachers chose her to receive the award. Passive: She __________ by the teachers to receive the award.
    was chosen
    were chosen
    was choosed
    was chose
  • Q9
    9. Active: A knock at the door woke us all up. Passive: We _____________ by a knock at the door.
    was all woke up
    were all waked up
    are all woken up
    were all woken up
  • Q10
    10. Active: Over 300,000 students took the college entrance exam. Passive: The college entrance exam _________ by over 300,000 students.
    was took
    was taked
    was tooken
    was taken

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