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Passive Voice and Used to

Quiz by Norma Rocha

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15 questions
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  • Q1
    Karen bakes delicious cakes. Delicious cakes _______________ by Karen.
    were baked
    are baked
    is baked
    was baked
  • Q2
    The supervisor fired all the lazy employees. All the lazy employees ____________________ by the supervisor.
    was fired
    is fired
    are fired
    were fired
  • Q3
    Larry does exercise every second day. Exercise ________________ by Larry every second day.
    is done
    was done
    were done
    are done
  • Q4
    Nancy bought the pizza downtown. The pizza _____________________ downtown.
    were bought
    was bought
    is bought
    are bought
  • Q5
    People throw garbage all over the city. Garbage __________________ all over the city.
    were thrown
    are thrown
    is thrown
    was thrown
  • Q6
    Gina makes very colorful paintings. Very colorful paintings _______________ by Gina.
    is made
    was made
    were made
    are made
  • Q7
    Edward broke his glasses by accident. Edward’s glasses ____________________ by accident.
    is broken
    are broken
    were broken
    was broken
  • Q8
    Linda _____________________ vegetables, but now she does.
    didn't use to eat
    didn't used to eat
    use to eat
    used to eat
  • Q9
    Jake ____________________ short, but he’s is tall now.
    didn't use to be
    use to be
    didn't used to be
    used to be
  • Q10
    ______ you _______________ all your homework when you were a child?
    Did, used to do
    Did, use to do
    Did, used to did
    Do, used to do
  • Q11
    I ___________________ meat, but now I don’t eat it.
    didn't use to eat
    didn't used to eat
    used to eat
    used to ate
  • Q12
    Where ________ your family ___________________ on vacation?
    did, used to go
    do, used to go
    did, use to go
    did, use to went
  • Q13
    In the past, kids ________________________ in parks all afternoon.
    use to play
    used to played
    use to played
    used to play
  • Q14
    My brother and I _____________________ eating vegetables.
    didn't used to hate
    use to hated
    didn't use to hated
    used to hate
  • Q15
    Jennifer _________________ her family, but now she does.
    didn't use to visit
    used to visit
    used to visited
    didn't used to visit

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