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30 questions
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  • Q1

    Somebody delivers milk in the mornings. Milk --- in the mornings. 

    was delivered 

    were delivered

    are delivered

    is delivered

  • Q2

    Somebody sends emails. Emails --- 

    are sent. 

    were sent

    is sent

    are sending 

  • Q3

    Somebody writes the reports every Friday. The reports --- every Friday. 

    are written

    were written

    is written

    are wrote 

  • Q4

    People speak Portuguese in Brazil. Portuguese --- in Brazil. 

    were spoken

    are spoken

    is spoken

    was spoken

  • Q5

    Somebody invited Julie and Luke to a party. Julie and Luke --- to a party. 

    was invited 

    were invited

    is invited 

    are invited 

  • Q6

    My grandfather built this house in 1943. This house --- in 1943. 

    had been built 

    is built

    was built

    has been built

  • Q7

    The Government is planning a new road near my house. A new road --- near my house. 

    are being planned 

    will be being planned 

    is being planned

    was being planned 

  • Q8

    They are building a new stadium near the station. A new stadium --- near the station. 

    has been built 

    had been built 

    is being built

    was being built

  • Q9

    A workman will repair the computer tomorrow. The computer --- tomorrow. 

    was repaired 

    would be repaired 

    will be repaired

    is repaired

  • Q10

    He had written three books before 1867. Three books --- before 1867.

    had been written

    have been written

    are written 

    were written

  • Q11

    Somebody has eaten my strawberries. My strawberries ----. 

    has been eaten 

    have been eaten

    were eaten

    had been eaten

  • Q12

    Somebody has fixed the heating. The heating ----. 

    has been fixed

    have been fixed 

    is fixed 

    had been fixed 

  • Q13

    Somebody has turned on the air conditioning. The air conditioning --- on. 

    had been turned 

    have been turned 

    has been turned

    was turned 

  • Q14

    Somebody will prepare everything. Everything ----. 

    have been prepared 

    has been prepared

    is prepared

    will be prepared

  • Q15

    Somebody will send the information as soon as possible.  The information --- as soon as possible. 

    was sent 

    will be sent

    would be sent 

    is sent 


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