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Passive voice

Quiz by Laura Solarte

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    The passive voice version of ''The boy bought the house'' is:
    The house wasn't bought by the boy
    The house will be bought by the boy
    The house has been bought by the boy
    The house was bought by the boy
  • Q2
    We use passive voice when
    We talk about things in the past
    We want to make predictions
    We want to focus on the object that receives the action
    We want to focus on the person who does the action
  • Q3
    Which one is passive voice?
    He had been working on it for a long time
    They selled the car
    There is a dog outside the house
    She was born in 1985
  • Q4
    The letter ________ by him
    was written
    are wrote
    is writting
  • Q5
    He _____________ to five years in prison.
    was sentenced
  • Q6
    The sentence ''The guy had painted the wall'' is
    active voice
    passive voice
  • Q7
    The sentence ''the gift was made by me'' is
    active voice
    passive voice
  • Q8
    The sentence ''she had lived here for a long time'' is
    passive voice
    active voice
  • Q9
    I'll have to take a bus as my car __________________ .
    is being repaired
    is repairing
  • Q10
    The gold ____________________ in a cave
    was discovered
    will be discovering

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