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Past perfect

Quiz by Paula

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5 questions
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  • Q1
    Susan (turn on) the radio after she (to wash) the dishes.
    turn on / wash
    turned on / washed
    turned on / had washed
    had turned on / washed
  • Q2
    he match already (start) when she (arrive).
    started / arrived
    already started / arrived
    had already started / had arrived
    had already started / arrived
  • Q3
    After the man (come) home he (feed) the cat.
    had come / fed
    had come / feed
    had came / had feed
    came / fed
  • Q4
    She (watch) a video after the children (go) to bed.
    had watched / went
    watched / had went
    watched / went
    watched / had gone
  • Q5
    I (be) very tired after I (study) too much.
    be / had study
    were / studied
    was / had studied
    was / have studied

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