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Past Perfect Tense & Past Simple Tense by KK

Quiz by Kookkai

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    Jill _________ Dad at work before she _________ for trip.
    phoned, left
    phoned, had left
    had phoned, had left
    had phoned, left
  • Q2
    After the man _________ home, he _________the cat.
    had come, fed
    had came, fed
    came, had fed
    had come, feed
  • Q3
    After Albert _________ his holiday, he __________ to learn Italian.
    had spent, wanted
    had spent, was wanting
    spent, had wanted
    spent, wanted
  • Q4
    When we ________ in Spain the airport management told us that they _______ our luggage.
    lost, had arrived
    arrived, had lost
    arrived, lost
    had arrived, lost
  • Q5
    After I _________ a large meal, I _________ to feel sick.
    had, started
    had, had started
    had had, started
    had, started
  • Q6
    Everyone _________ the house by the time I _______ home.
    left, come
    left, come
    had left, come
    had left, came
  • Q7
    We felt we ________ the cat before.
    had seen
    have seen
    were seeing
  • Q8
    My friend _____ his keys when I _____.
    found / had arrived
    had found / had arrived
    found / arrived
    had found / arrived
  • Q9
    The competition _____ by the time I arrived.
    had been starting
    had started
    has started
  • Q10
    When he __________ , his mother _________ breakfast.
    woke up, prepared
    had already woke up, prepared
    woke up, had already prepared
    had been woke up, was preparing

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