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Past Simple & Past Continuous (Grade 6)

Quiz by Christina Michalopoulou

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    Josh and Luke _____ when they _____ a shark.
    were swimming / saw
    were swimming / were seeing
    swam / were swimming
    swam / saw
  • Q2
    While Ben _____ for the bus, he _____ his phone.
    ran / dropped
    was running / dropped
    ran / was dropping
    was running / was dropping
  • Q3
    Nick _____ the dishes and then _____ the game on TV.
    washed / watched
    was washing / was watching
    was washing / watched
    watched / was washing
  • Q4
    While I _____ the dog, I _____ something strange.
    was walking / was seeing
    was walking / saw
    walked / was seeing
    walked / saw
  • Q5
    When I _____ , my brothers _____ breakfast.
    was getting up / were having
    got up / haved
    got up/ were having
    got up / was having
  • Q6
    Jake _____ his homework, when he _____ the earthquake.
    did / was feeling
    was doing / felt
    did / felt
    was doing / was feeling
  • Q7
    Sue _____ her leg while she _____ volleyball.
    hurt / played
    hurt / was playing
    was hurting / played
    was hurting / was playing
  • Q8
    While he _____ in the garden, he _____ a gold coin.
    dug / was finding
    dug / found
    was digging / found
    was digging / was finding
  • Q9
    At 6 yesterday evening, I _____ and Mum _____ on her computer.
    studied / worked
    studied / was working
    was studying / worked
    was studying/ was working
  • Q10
    They _____ on the balcony when we _____ .
    sat / arrived
    sat / were arriving
    were sitting / were arriving
    were sitting / arrived

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