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Past simple vs Past Continuous

Quiz by David Angel ROMERO FERNANDEZ

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  • Q1

    The teachers ______________ around the table when I ______________ the teacher’s room.

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    are sitting / entered

    sat / was entering

    were sitting / entered

  • Q2

    They ______________ about the students who failed in exams.

    Question Image


    were talking

    were talked

    was talking

  • Q3

    While some teachers ______________ to us carefully, others ______________.

    Question Image

    listened / were laughing

    listened / laughed

    were listening / laughed

    was listening / was laughing

  • Q4

    We ______________ to the station exactly when the train ______________ .

    Question Image

    ran / was leaving

    were running / was leaving

    ran / left

    were running / left

  • Q5

    I ____________ my wife while I ____________ on a train.

    Question Image

    was meeting / was travelling

    was meeting / traveled

    met / was travelling

  • Q6

    You  ____________ a photo while I ____________ .

    Question Image

    took / didn't look

    were taking / weren't look

    took / wasn't looking

  • Q7

    I ____________ TV when the doorbell ____________ .

    Question Image

    watched / was ringing

    was watching / was ringing

    was watching / rang

    watched / was ringing

  • Q8

    The students ____________ an exam when the earthquake ____________ .

    Question Image

    were having / was happening

    had / was happening 

    had / happened

    were having / happened


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