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Past tense questions and answers

Quiz by Leona Leighton

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  • Q1
    When did you do your homework?
    I do my homework on the weekend.
    I do not do my homework.
    I did my homework last weekend.
    I did my homework tomorrow.
  • Q2
    Who did you talk to last week?
    I talked to my classmates last week.
    I often talk to you.
    I did.
    I talk to my family every weekend.
  • Q3
    Where did he buy his masks?
    He is wearing a mask.
    He buy his masks at CVS.
    I am.
    He bought his masks at CVS.
  • Q4
    Did you find the oranges?
    No, I didn't find any oranges.
    No, I did.
    He is looking for a car.
    I found toilet paper.
  • Q5
    How much toilet paper did you buy?
    I bought four rolls of toilet paper.
    I buy one roll of toilet paper.
    I did not.
    Yes, I did.
  • Q6
    How many cookies did you eat?
    I ate three cookies.
    No, I didn't.
    Yes, I did.
  • Q7
    Did you forget to do your homework?
    I sometimes do my homework.
    She does my homework.
    Yes, I forgot to do my homework.
  • Q8
    Did we go right or left last time?
    We go left.
    We go right.
    We went right last time.

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