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Past tenses

Quiz by yana kuzmina

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8 questions
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  • Q1
    I _________(test) for half an hour already when my colleague came.
    had tested
    had been testing
    was testing
  • Q2
    When we ___________(have) a discussion, we suddenly realised that all this time we __________(run) the test the wrong way.
    had been having/ had been running
    were having/ had run
    were having/ had been running
    were having/ were running
  • Q3
    When the client ___________(contact) us for the first time, he ____________(not have) the exact specifications.
    had contacted/ did not have
    was contacting/ not had
    had contacted/ had not had
    contacted/ did not have
  • Q4
    We __________(have) a meeting when there ___________(be) a power outage.
    had had/ had been
    had/ was
    were having/ was
    were having/ were being
  • Q5
    I _________(come) to the stand up late today, so the meeting ____________(run) for 10 minutes already.
    came/ had been running
    had come/ was running
    came/ ran
    came/ had run
  • Q6
    By the time I _____________(arrive), the conference ______________(begin).
    had arrived/ had begun
    arrived/ had begun
    began/ arrived
    was beginning/ was arriving
  • Q7
    I ____________(chair) meetings all the time in my previous job. But I do not do it now.
    used to chair
    Both used to or would chair
    would chair
  • Q8
    I ______________ (like) technical tasks more, but now I have shifted to management.
    both used to or would like
    would like
    Used to like

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