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PBIS Check for Understanding

Quiz by Dawn

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  • Q1
    PBIS stands for:
    Positive Behavior is Super
    Positive Behavior Intervention Support
    Positive Behavior is Stupid
    Positive Behavior is Stifling
  • Q2
    When standing in line for the bus, the students should:
    Punch one another repeatedly.
    Stand quiet with their hands to themselves.
    Scream at the top of their lungs.
    Run amuck in the commons.
  • Q3
    When standing in line after recess we want students to:
    Poke the person in front of them.
    Jump up and down in place.
    Stand quietly with their hands at their sides, facing forward.
    Turn around and talk to the person behind them.
  • Q4
    When in the lunchroom, we want students to
    Eat and talk quietly with their table neighbors.
    Talk to the students at the table behind them.
    Create a slip and slide of milk on the floor.
    Throw their food hard enough to stick to the ceiling.

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