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PC Keyboard Shortcuts

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  • Q1
    What keys do you press to copy something you have selected (words, images, ...)
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    Ctrl c
    Alt c
    Shift c
    Fn c
  • Q2
    The keyboard shortcut to Paste something you just copied from a document or onscreen
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    Alt p
    Ctrl v
    Ctrl x
    Ctrl p
  • Q3
    To select an entire word in a document you are editing you can select it quickly by doing ...
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    Double click anywhere in the word
    Ctrl W
    Triple click on the word
    Ctrl S for select
  • Q4
    To select ALL the text or images in a document press...
    Ctrl a
    Alt a
    Ctrl a
    Fn a
  • Q5
    To UNDO what you just did you can use the shortcut...
    Ctrl u
    Ctrl z
    Alt u
    Fn u
  • Q6
    To FIND a particular word on a page (even web pge) use this shortcut to open a Find window to type your word in
    Question Image
    Ctrl f
    Fn f
    Ctrl ?
    Alt f
  • Q7
    To save a document you are workin on quickly (to the same place you opened it from)
    Ctrl s
    Alt s
    Shift s
  • Q8
    To REDO something you just did, like delete something by mistake
    Ctrl y
    Ctrl r
    Alt r
  • Q9
    To hyperlink text or an image you select the shortcut is
    Ctrl h
    Fn h
    Ctrl k
    Alt k

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