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"Peak" Camp Four

Quiz by Jessica Yount

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  • Q1
    Who is hauling Sun-jo's gear up the mountain?
    Zopa, Peak, and Holly will carry Sun-jo's gear.
    Sun-jo will carry his own gear.
    Porters and yaks will carry Sun-jo's gear.
    Sun-jo will travel with no gear.
  • Q2
    Captain Shek stopped to question Peak. What was Shek asking?
    Captain Shek wanted to know what Peak ate that day.
    Captain Shek wanted to know who Peak's dad was.
    Captain Shek wanted to know where Sun-jo was.
    Captain Shek wanted to know how old Sun-jo is.
  • Q3
    How did Peak's trip back up to intermediate camp go?
    Peak did not successfully make it to intermediate camp.
    Peak decided to leave Everest and not climb back up.
    Peak was singing and chanting on his whole climb up!
    Peak's climb was much easier this time. He could talk!
  • Q4
    How did Sun-jo climb up to intermediate camp?
    Sun-jo climbed up himself.
    Zopa carried Sun-jo up to camp.
    Sun-jo did not go to intermediate camp yet.
    Sun-jo hid under hay on a yak.
  • Q5
    Is there much chance for rescue above Camp Five?
    There is no camp five.
  • Q6
    What happens if you die above Camp Five?
    It is impossible to die above Camp Five.
    A sherpa will carry you down.
    A helicopter will carry down your body.
    Your body will most likely always be on Everest.
  • Q7
    What did Zopa tell Peak that helped Peak gain confidence?
    Zopa told Peak he had a chance of making it to summit.
    Zopa told Peak he could use oxygen.
    Zopa told Peak his dad (Josh) loved him.
    Zopa told Peak the weather would be perfect for summit.

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