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Pearson+ CS Assessment 2

Quiz by Wilhelmina Rosales

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5 questions
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  • Q1
    Which tool can we use to manage subscriptions?
    SMS CS
    Grid tool
    One CRM
  • Q2
    Where can we find in Zuora all monetary transactions?
    Basic information
    Orders and subscriptions
    Billing and payment info
  • Q3
    What is a scenario that is acceptable for refund within the 14-day cancellation window?
    Incorrect product purchased
    Dropped class
    Class ended
    Purchased a subscription for a title, but when they go to register for the course, they realize the eText access is already included as part of the course access (this is also known as Inclusive Access).
  • Q4
    TRUE OR FALSE. A Pearson+ subscription is an arrangement to an online service where they can have lifetime access for a one-time payment
    Not sure
  • Q5
    TRUE OR FALSE. A Pearson+ eText allows customers to read subscriptions offline and online
    Not sure

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