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Pedro Questions 2

Quiz by Miguel Robert

Grade 5
English Language Arts
Common Core

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5 questions
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  • Q1
    1. Based on the selection, what does the word “dreaded” mean?
  • Q2
    Based on the selection, what does the phrase “Pedro would be the envy of everyone” mean?
    Pedro would become jealous of the people in his community
    Others in the community would wish they were in Pedro’s place
    The community would be impressed with Pedro
    Pedro would be loved by the people in his community
  • Q3
    Which detail from the selections explains the idea that the apple orchard was raided regularly?
    “They do, but my tribe expects me to protect the orchards.”
    "What are you doing stealing apples? They belong to the Tarahumara."
    “Pedro easily scaled one, picking apple after juicy apple.”
    “He looked down and saw what he dreaded most. . . a Tarahumara Indian”
  • Q4
    About which event do Pedro and the Indian boy disagree?
    The winner of the competition
    Who owns the apples
    The price of the apples
    Freedom to pick the apples
  • Q5
    Which detail from the selection assumes that the Indian boy did not really want to give Pedro any of the apples?
    “Our food is scarce this year”
    “Do you have any Pesos?”
    “What are you doing stealing apples?”
    “if you can beat me in a race, you may pick some from the higher branches, the hardest ones to get,"

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