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Peer Pressure

Quiz by Kyle Woodward

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15 questions
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  • Q1
    What is peer pressure?
    When someone is nice to you
    When someone is mean to you
    When someone has an influence on you
    When someone doesn't give you what you want
  • Q2
    Why would you accept peer pressure?
    Because you are scared
    Because you want to fit in
    Because it is fun
    Because you don't want be nice
  • Q3
    Types of peer pressure
    Positive, negative, neutral
    Average, horrible, excellent
    Positive, bully, okay
    Negative, glad, so so
  • Q4
    What is positive peer pressure?
    people encouraging you
    When someone bribes you
    something that naturally happens
    people who force you to do things that you don't want to
  • Q5
    What is negative peer pressure?
    Someone who encourages you
    When someone has a bad influence on you
    Someone who is nice
    When you don't get what you want
  • Q6
    What is neutral peer pressure?
    When you get what you want
    Someone who encourages you
    Someone who bullies you
    Something that happens naturally
  • Q7
    If your best friend encourages you to smoke, what do you do?
    Call 911
    Tell your friend 'No, smoking is bad for you"
    You smoke to fit in with them
    You smoke because you want cancer
  • Q8
    Devin wants to copy your homework, what do you do?
    Refuse, b/c he won't learn anything if he copies off of ppl.
    Call Devin's parents
    Tell the teacher
    Give him your homework, because you're best friends
  • Q9
    What do you do when you see someone gets bullied
    You tell your teacher and stand up for the victim
    Take out your phone and record it
    You leave and forget anything happened
    Join the bully
  • Q10
    Giving advice is _________ peer pressure
    Positive & neutral
  • Q11
    What's a comfort zone?
    When someone feels most scared
    A dark, scary, alley
    When someone feels most relaxed
  • Q12
    What is self esteem?
    Your favorite memory
    How you feel about yourself
    No meaning, I made it up
    An adjective
  • Q13
    Bribery is__________
    When your teacher gives you a gold star
    When you give someone candy
    Telling someone to do something
    Giving someone something to convince them to do something
  • Q14
    What do you do when you're getting bullied?
    Go shopping
    Make new friends
    Tell your parents or teachers
  • Q15
    What is fitting in?
    Trying something on
    Putting you jeans on
    Following what someone's doing to look cool
    Buying new clothes

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