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PEO LP: Flex Payroll - Pay Entry, Bonus, & Check Templates

Quiz by Training Team PEO Svc

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17 questions
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  • Q1
    As a best practice, when setting up a new bonus check template, you should begin by selecting which of the following Company Check Templates?
    Supplemental Pay no Fd/St addl
    Regular Pay no Fd/St addl
    Supplemental Pay
    Regular Pay
  • Q2
    Your client reports only hours worked from payroll to payroll. What view is most suitable for entering the payroll?
    Autopay Group
    Individual View
    Multiple View
    Multiple Employee Payment
  • Q3
    When creating or editing Check Templates, the final selection to make is choosing how employees will receive their pay. What employee payment option is not available to select?
    Use employee's default
    Negotiable Live Check
    Direct Deposit
  • Q4
    Clients can customize their own check templates in Paychex Flex.
  • Q5
    When creating a check template, which recurring earning/deduction should never be blocked?
    Employee loan
    Paychex 401(k)
    All retirement plans
    Section 125 deductions
  • Q6
    What option for federal withholding can a PEO client NOT select when issuing Bonus checks?
    Fixed percentage
    Supplemental rate
    None of these
    Based on Form W-4
  • Q7
    Your client wants to block direct deposit on a certain employee's check. What option in payroll entry can you use to block direct deposit for this client's request?
    Employee Quick Info
    Row Options
    Autopay Group
  • Q8
    A check template best practice is to enter a brief, relevant description of what the template does.
  • Q9
    Which of the following tasks CANNOT be accomplished through Payroll Options?
    Block direct deposit
    Override billing options
    Add/edit check stub message
    Void a check
  • Q10
    When a client sends the payroll to you with the employees listed in no particular order, which option is the most efficient way to key the payroll into Core Advanced?
    By Employment Type
    By Custom Group
    Enter by Employee
    By Pay Frequency
  • Q11
    A client asks you to block Social Security and Medicare on a check template. You respond with:
    I can only block Medicare.
    FICA cannot be blocked.
    I can only block Social Security.
  • Q12
    Which of the following Information CANNOT be added, deleted, or updated in the Select Dates section of Choose Pay Period?
    Change period end date
    Change delivery address
    Change pay period description
    Change check date
  • Q13
    You are entering payroll for your client and they forgot to tell you that an employee on the payroll has a change of address. Where do you navigate to enter the change?
    Payroll Options
    Individual view
    Import Pay Data
    Employee Quick Info
  • Q14
    Which of the following is NOT a question to ask the client when processing bonus checks?
    How would you like this taxed?
    Same or separate check?
    Can I have a bonus too?
    Is this the gross or the net amount?
  • Q15
    You can select different check dates for one or more checks as part of a payroll run using the Overrides menu.

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