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PEO LP: Flex Payroll - Week 2 Reinforcement

Quiz by Training Team PEO Svc

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25 questions
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  • Q1
    Based on the scenario, how much would be withheld from his check for social security tax?
    Question Image
  • Q2
    What is the most efficient way to issue these commission checks in Core Advanced?
    Question Image
    Tell Mandy to process them in Flex.
    Create a check template.
    Add a note at the company level with the details on how the commission checks should be issued.
    Update the check options on each check every time one is issued.
  • Q3
    After Jim enters gross-to-net amounts for this client he can choose from each of the following output options, except ________________. (Click image to enlarge.)
    Question Image
    Manual Check (print stub for employee's records)
    Manual Check (do not print anything for the employee)
    Negotiable Check (print check and stub)
    Direct Deposit
  • Q4
    Your client has changed her mind and would like her payroll package delivered by mail going forward, you need to update the delivery method for the payroll package. Where would you go to make this change? (Click image to enlarge.)
    Question Image
    Answer Image
    Answer Image
    Answer Image
    Answer Image
  • Q5
    Which of the following is NOT a benefit of using check templates when taking payroll?
    Allows you to autopay all the employees
    Increases check accuracy
    Saves time
    Reduces repeat client questions regarding taxes and deductions
  • Q6
    Use the PR0024C to answer the following question - Bonus is an example of what type of earning? (Click the image to enlarge.)
    Question Image
    Wages and salary
    Other Items
    Other Earnings
  • Q7
    Using the scenario, when Johnny sets up the check template which tax(es) and/or deductions may never be blocked?
    Question Image
    FICA and Paychex 401(k) contributions
    FIT and client-sponsored retirement plans
    FICA and client-sponsored retirement plans
    FIT and Paychex 401(k) contributions
  • Q8

    When changing a client's payroll frequency, what other item(s) may also be impacted by the change?

    Earning and Deduction values

    Additional amount for withholding


    All of these.

  • Q9

    The difference between a CSA and a Note is that a CSA can be deleted, whereas Notes are forever.



  • Q10

    Which of the following reports in the standard report package is NOT unique to PEO clients?

    Workers' Compensation


    Banner Page and Special Handling Sheet

    Supplemental Employee Detail

  • Q11

    On-Demand reports offers which type of reports?

    Company Reports and Internal Reports

    Standard Reports and Employee Reports

    Company Reports and Employee Reports

    Standard Reports and Internal Reports

  • Q12

    For garnishment orders, PEO clients can choose to have Paychex withhold the money from the employee's check so they can make the payment or utilize the Garnishment Payment Service (GPS).



  • Q13

    Read Me Books has received their invoice. When will the total invoice amount be debited from their bank account?

    The end of each pay period.

    Bi-weekly on Friday.

    The beginning of each pay period.

    The banking day before the check date.

  • Q14

    You receive a call from your client, Bill, who states he hasn’t received his payroll package. You have confirmed that payroll processed and the package was sent. After completing all other steps to determine where the package could be, you still cannot solve the delivery issue. How will you engage the Fulfillment Center to report the issue and ask for their assistance?

    By using the Logistics Services Power App and creating the Request Type: Send a payroll package to a client today (same day).

    By using the Logistics Services Power App and creating the Request Type: Report a Fulfillment Issue.

    Billing Adjustment (AR0008)

    PEO PQA Process Form (PEO036)

  • Q15

    Cheryl from Whole New World Bistro normally receives two packages from Paychex. She calls concerned because she did not receive the second package this week. You review the Package and Delivery screen to confirm. What must be done on this screen to ensure a mailing label prints for each package?

    Question Image

    Special packing instructions must be entered

    "Print package only when assigned reports are generated" must be selected

    "Always print package" must be selected

    Special delivery instructions must be entered


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