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People and relationships

Quiz by Livia Lelkes

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    The best ranked hockey player continues to excel and scores goal after goal in every tournament. This would be an example of the player:
    breaking under pressure.
    living up to his reputation.
    striking out.
    sticking it to the man.
  • Q2
    When parents question the controversial topics covered in their child's reading curriculum they are:
    looking for a fight.
    exhibiting domineering behavior.
    acting in their child's best interest.
    plucking up necessary courage.
  • Q3
    Marcel has been attracted to Eveline for the past several weeks and she seems to reciprocate his interest. Finally after many failed attempts he asked her out for a cup of coffee. Unfortunately, she declined. Nevertheless, this shows an example of Marcel:
    plucking up the courage to ask her out.
    being too pushy.
    failing to act in her best interest.
    not living up to her expectations.
  • Q4
    After the rebuff Marcel suffered at the hands of Eveline when he asked her out for coffee, Marcel became depressed and could not concentrate on his job. This could be described as Marcel going through:
    an alien commitment.
    a rough patch.
    withdrawal symptoms.
    pressure changes.
  • Q5
    Marcel's best friend invited him to a small gathering at his home to cheer him up. There he met Stacy who struck up a conversation with him right away. They talked the evening away and when it was time to go home, Stacy asked Marcel if he would like to go out some time for coffee. This is an example of two people:
    striking out.
    living it up.
    hitting it off.
    hitting a rough patch.
  • Q6
    Eveline had graduated at the top of her class. She worked hard and had some success in advancing her career. But she was tired. Tired of the office back-stabbing, of every Tom, Dick and Harry asking her out for coffee, and of every promotion going to a less qualified male colleague. It was time for her to resign from her position and start her own consulting company. This is an example of someone:
    striking out on their own.
    rebelling against the establishment.
    living up to expectations.
    hitting rock bottom.
  • Q7
    There are many people these days who live and work in a country other than the place of their birth The legal term for a person who is not a national of a country is:
  • Q8
    Making sure that the bridegroom is on time for his wedding is usually the task of
    the best man.
    the groomsmen.
    the groom's father.
    his best friend.
  • Q9
    Many creationists have a mistaken view of evolution. One reason they reject it is because they mistakenly believes that it states that humans:
    don't like apes.
    are equal to apes.
    were the ancestors of apes.
    descended from apes.
  • Q10
    Stress due to having numerous responsibilities, obligations and tasks is a description of someone who is
    under committed.
    extremely pushy.
    under pressure.
    under valued.

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