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Percents - Mid Unit Review

Quiz by Anju Thalla

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10 questions
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  • Q6
    Clara bought a scarf for $16, a pair of leather gloves for $18.50 and a hat for $12.75. She received a 25% discount on any money she spent over $20 at the store. How much did she spend at the store?
  • Q7
    Eve bought a luxury car for her parents for $85,000. She paid a sales tax of 3.75% on the purchase price. Additionally she paid a 2% luxury tax on any amount over $75,000. How much money did she pay for taxes?
  • Q8
    A salesperson at a jewelry store earns 9​% commission each week. Last​ week, he earned a commission of $450. What was the cost of the jewelry that she sold?
  • Q9
    In a​ company, about 62​% of the workers are women. If 980 men work for the​ company, how many women workers are there?
    About $2,579
    About 1,600
    About 1,599
    About 608
  • Q10
    John & Mira buy a studio apartment for $182,500. Of this​ amount, they have a down payment of $37,000. To the nearest tenth, their down payment is what percent of the purchase​ price?
    About 25.5%
    About 4.9%
    About 3.9%
    About 20.3%

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