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Perfect and Perfect progressive tenses

Quiz by Russu Uliana

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    My father ... for an hour.
    has been reading
    have been reading
    has read
    have read
  • Q2
    This show ... at midnight.
    will have ended
    will be ending
    will have been ending
    will have been ended
  • Q3
    We ... for six hours when we stopped.
    has been driving
    have been driving
    had been driven
    had been driving
  • Q4
    Helen went to bed after she ... her favourite TV programme.
    has been watched
    has watched
    had watched
    have watched
  • Q5
    David ... his exam by 15th June.
    will had finished
    will has finished
    will have finished
    will have been finished
  • Q6
    The postman ... two letters to my mom.
    have brought
    has been brought
    had brought
    has brought
  • Q7
    My aunt ... a lot of exercise at the gym.
    had done
    has been done
    has done
    have done
  • Q8
    Mike cleared the table after everyone ... .
    have eaten
    has eaten
    had eaten
    has been eating
  • Q9
    Joe Smith went to prison because he ... a lot of money.
    had stolen
    had stoled
    has stolen
    have stolen
  • Q10
    We ... the match until tomorrow evening.
    will had played
    will have been played
    will played
    will have played

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