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Performance Management

Quiz by Brian Govatos

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  • Q1
    What were the three takeaways from the Performance Management Breakout?
    Coach, Document, and Terminate
    Impact, Communication, and Objectivity
    This is a DM Course Only, Marti & Robert Rock, and We Love Quizzing you after Unite Segments
    Follow-Up, Check for Understanding, and Can you Smell what the Rock is Cooking?
  • Q2
    True or False: At Microsoft, Performance = Impact
  • Q3
    The three aspects that incorporate Impact to drive performance are
    SEA Audits, Scorecard, and YoY Growth
    Relationships, Merchandising Standards, and Promotional Ad Deployment
    Individual Accomplishments, Your Contributions, and Results from Building on the Work of Others
  • Q4
    What are the stages of coaching?
    Verbal, E-Mail, and One-on-One
    Quick Coaching, Documented Coaching, Corrective Coaching
    Vince McMahon screaming at you from beyond the ropes
    Reaching out to your skip level manager for feedback, then teaching others what you've learned
  • Q5
    How do you create a consistent approach to Communication
    Have everyone create a OneNote notebook that can't be shared with peers
    Let Mean Gene Okerlund Interview before every big BBY meeting
    STU, Coach (to the level needed), and Follow Up
    Keep my team in the dark and avoid any difficult conversations
  • Q6
    What did we mean by "Can you smell what the Rock is cooking?"
    All of his battles with Stone Cold Steve Austin have left him hard of smelling
    He's going to be on the upcoming celebrity edition of Chopped
    We need to check for understanding when delivering a message
    You're in trouble and the Rock is about to deliver the "People's Elbow" in the form of a documented coaching
  • Q7
    Why is Staying Objective and Fact Based Important?
    Makes it easier to tell when someone is lying to us
    Allows for the separation of Fact from Emotion and identifies details
    Gives us the right to lack empathy when coaching 
    Ensures we know that Hulk Hogan is the undisputed All Time Best WWE Champion of all time
  • Q8
    True or False: If you're on a documented written reminder you cannot apply for a higher level job at Microsoft.
  • Q9
    True or False: Our Performance Management tool was created to help communicate the need for better performance.

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