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Performances Quiz

Quiz by Neil Rye

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  • Q1
    Which of the following is a common term for a live musical performance?
    Table read
  • Q2
    What is "blocking" in the context of performances?
    A type of camera movement
    A technique used in post-production
    A form of screenwriting
    The arrangement of actors and their movements on a stage or set
  • Q3
    What does "cue-to-cue" mean in theater production?
    A technical rehearsal focusing on specific moments and transitions
    An actor's script
    A type of lighting design
    A prompt for actors to start their performance
  • Q4
    What is the "green room" in the context of live performances?
    A room painted green for special effects
    A rehearsal space for actors
    A lounge area for performers before and after a show
    A lighting control room
  • Q5
    In A/V production, what is "marking"?
    Creating a list of equipment used in a shoot
    Identifying specific points in the script for editing
    A choreographed dance routine
    The act of preparing the set or stage for a performance
  • Q6
    Which term is used to describe the practice of performing without a script or teleprompter?
  • Q7
    What is the primary role of a "stunt coordinator" in A/V production?
    Choreographing and overseeing dangerous action sequences
    Managing lighting and sound equipment
    Directing the actors' performances
    Designing costumes for performers
  • Q8
    What is the purpose of "line readings" during an audition or rehearsal?
    Reading lines with a specific tone and delivery
    Testing the sound equipment
    Reading from a script to mark the lines
    Rehearsing with the entire cast
  • Q9
    Which of the following is an important consideration when casting performers for a production?
    Their experience with lighting equipment
    Their proficiency in video editing
    Their availability for post-production work
    Their suitability for the roles
  • Q10
    What is a "dress rehearsal" in A/V production?
    A technical rehearsal focused on lighting and sound
    A rehearsal with minimal props and set
    A rehearsal where actors wear their costumes
    A final performance open to the public
  • Q11
    What is a "matinee" performance?
    A type of camera angle
    A special effect used in A/V production
    An evening performance
    A daytime performance typically held in the afternoon
  • Q12
    In the context of live performances, what does "upstaging" mean?
    Creating a captivating performance
    Drawing attention away from another performer
    Blocking the audience's view
    Moving toward the back of the stage
  • Q13
    What does "blocking a scene" involve?
    Planning and coordinating the movements and positions of actors
    Providing audio cues to actors
    Creating a physical barrier on set
    Editing the video footage
  • Q14
    What is a "cold reading" in auditions?
    A reading performed in a cold environment
    A reading done without a script
    A reading without any prior preparation or practice
    A monologue delivered without emotion
  • Q15
    What does "fourth wall" mean in theater and film?
    A special type of set design
    The fourth dimension of space
    The stage floor
    An imaginary barrier separating the audience from the performers

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