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Period 6 Milestone Review

Quiz by Kelsey Johnson

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34 questions
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  • Q1
    Connected the East Coast with the West Coast, was built by mostly Irish and Chinese immigrants
    Transcontinental Railroad
  • Q2
    Allowed for the ability to transport people and goods across the nation with efficient speed; opened the west to further expansion; helped transport grain and beef back east
    Significance of the Transcontinental Railroad
  • Q3
    Handled the most dangerous work on the Transcontinental Railroad, worked from west to east, discriminated against
    Chinese Immigrants
  • Q4
    Lured settlers to the west with cheap, fertile land
    Homestead Act of 1862
  • Q5
    Closed the open range of the west, restricted ability of Native Americans to roam freely, increased conflict over land ownership between settlers and Native Americans
    Significance of barbed wire fencing
  • Q6
    Killed in droves by the US government in order to starve the Plains Indians
  • Q7
    US 7th Calvary Unit is wiped out by the Plain Indians
    Battle of the Little Big Horn
  • Q8
    Lakota chief who led the Sioux in the Battle of Little Big Horn; he was killed in the Wounded Knee Massacre
    Sitting Bull
  • Q9
    Last major conflict between the American Indians and the US Army; end of Native American resistance to white settlers' westward expansion
    Significance of Wounded Knee
  • Q10
    Sitting Bull's tribe participate in the Ghost Dance movement, the people resist turning in their weapons, and a fight breaks out between the 7th Calvary and the Sioux Indians; over 300 people are killed, including women and children
    Wounded Knee
  • Q11
    Connected vast regions of the United States and allowed for the efficient transport of goods
  • Q12
    Led to increased efficiency and connectivity across the country; led to larger corporations, particularly in the steel and oil industries
    Significance of Railroad Expansion
  • Q13
    Developed cheap, efficient methods for the mass production of steel rails
    Steel Industry
  • Q14
    Increased with the growing railroad industry as railroads could connect drilling areas with markets
    Oil Production
  • Q15
    Creator and owner of the Standard Oil Company; known for cutting his costs by owning all the stages required to produce oil and creating a monopoly in oil
    John D. Rockefeller

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