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Perming 208

Quiz by Varine Kelly

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23 questions
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  • Q1
    To meet with COSHH regulations, perm lotion should be
    prevented from coming into contact with the skin
    disposed of by pouring the neat lotion down the sink.
    stored in a dry, warm place
    used only by a qualified stylist
  • Q2
    Which of the following is a contra-indication to perming?
    Porous hair
    Tinea pedis.
    Poor elasticity
    Tinted hair
  • Q3
    Which of the following describes why non-latex gloves should be worn when performing a perm?
    To prevent skin staining.
    To prevent psoriasis
    To prevent contact dermatitis.
    To prevent dry skin.
  • Q4
    Which one of the following best describes protective equipment for a perm client?
    Towels, gown, barrier cream and apron
    Towels, plastic apron, cotton wool and barrier cream.
    Gown, towels, cutting collar and barrier cream.
    Gown,plastic cape, towels and cotton wool
  • Q5
    Which one of the following best describes protective equipment for a perm client?
    When the hair is styled with a parting
    When the client requests a brick wind.
    To work with the natural hair fall.
    On fine hair to prevent partings
  • Q6
    When would we use additional heat to develop a perm?
    When the record card states to use heat.
    When the client requests the use of heat.
    When recommended by the manufacturer.
    When the salon or client are cold.
  • Q7
    Approximately what is the percentage of bonds broken during the perming process?
  • Q8
    Which bonds are broken during the perming process?
    Salt bonds.
    Hydrogen bonds
    Oxygen bonds.
  • Q9
    Which one of the following describes the affect of tension on the hair during neutralising?
    Curls too tight
    Curl will drop
    Frizzy hair
    Fish hook ends
  • Q10
    Which product would not be recommended to a client following a perm service?
    Curl enhancer
    Smoothing cream
    Moisturising shampoo
    PH balanced conditioner
  • Q11
    Why is it important to carry out a thorough consultation before perming?
    to ensure your client is able to pay for the perm
    to allow the client time for a coffee
    to assess the suitability of the hair for perming
    to help you be more confident
  • Q12
    What should you carry out if you are unsure if the hair is in suitable condition to perm?
    a thorough shampoo using a moisturising shampoo
    a skin test
    hair tests
  • Q13
    Which hair test determines what size perm rods and perm lotion to use?
    pre-perm test curl
    development test curl
    elasticity test
    incompatibility test curl
  • Q14
    What should you apply around the hairline before perming to avoid chemical burns?
    perm lotion
    barrier cream
  • Q15
    Which perm lotion has a gentler action on the hair?
    neutralising perm lotion
    alkaline perm lotion
    acid perm lotion
    ammonium free perm lotion

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