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Quiz by Ariane Tuazon

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50 questions
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  • Q1
    What part of the brain handles reading, writing, and calculations?
    Left brain
    Cerebral Cortex
    Right brain
  • Q2
    What part of the brain is more visual and deals with images more than words?
    Cerebral Cortex
    Left brain
    Right brain
  • Q3
    What intelligent approach uses to organize information and represent ideas and concepts graphically?
    Concept Map
    Venn diagram
    Mind mapping
  • Q4
    What is the common cause of brain damage
    Eating unhealthy foods
    Excessive stress
  • Q5
    Which one does NOT influence a person’s self-esteem
    Families and School
    Media Images
    Puberty and Development
  • Q6
    Which one is NOT a good strategy for supporting someone with mental health concerns?
    Learn as much as you can about mental illness so that you can understand what is going on for them.
    Spend time with the person, and listen to his/her concerns.
    Encourage the person to spend money to satisfy his/her loneliness and sadness.
    Encourage the person to seek help and support from an adult
  • Q7
    What kind of intelligence enables one to understand, use, and manage our emotions?
    Naturalistic intelligence
    Interpersonal intelligence
    Intrapersonal intelligence
    Emotional intelligence
  • Q8
    What is the best way to understand how others feel?
    Show appreciation
    Show interest
    Show excitement
    Show empathy
  • Q9
    Cassy is open to her parent, she tells everything about her like problems, love life and anything. What rules of relationship show in a situation?
    None of the above
    Creating love is process
    Communication is essential
    You must love yourself first
  • Q10
    What should you consider when making decisions around sex and sexual limits?
    your friends
    you family
    Your values
    none of the above
  • Q11
    What skills do you need to make healthy decisions in a relationship?
    Assertive communication, active listening and negotiation skills
    All of the Above
    Passive communication
    Intelligence, memory, ability to do public speaking
  • Q12
    Which of the following is an element of a healthy relationship?
    One person makes all decision
    Respect one another
    Trust one another
  • Q13
    Which of the following are signs that you may be in an abusive relationship?
    All of the Above
    Apologizing for your partner’s behavior
    Bruises, scratches, and other sign of injuries
    Avoiding friends
  • Q14
    Jerick is a son of Mr. and Mrs. Villaester, as a son, he always follows his parent’s request in doing the household chores. Because it is an important thing for his parents. His father always reminding Jerick as well as his siblings about the benefits for having a clean house. In relation to this, his Fater teaches his son and daughter about the other disciplines. What is the typical characteristics of a family displayed in the given situation?
    Shared beliefs and values
    Regular interactions
    Mutual trust
  • Q15
    Interpret the action being displayed – Danica is reviewing her lessons for the incoming final week because If she failed in the examination, she will not be supported by her parents in her studies.
    Personal Relationship

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