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perspective E' 2 senior unit 3 p 32-36

Quiz by Helen Dede

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  • Q1
    /həʊst/ to plan and provide services as a venue for a special event Greece hosted the Olympic Games in 2004. φιλοξενώ
    host (v)
  • Q2
    /ænˈtɪsɪpeɪt/ to expect something We anticipate more tourists this year. προσδοκώ
    anticipate (v)
  • Q3
    /ˈætɪtjuːd/ the way you feel or behave towards somebody or something Sarah's attitude towards the boss should change if she wants to get promotion. στάση
    attitude (n)
  • Q4
    /əˈweərnəs/ knowing that something exists or is important The campaign aims to raise awareness on the issue of racism in schools. επίγνωση, συναίσθηση
    awareness (n)
  • Q5
    /brɒnz/ made of reddish colour metal China won several bronze medals in the last Olympic Games. μπρούντζινος, -η, -ο
    bronze (adj)
  • Q6
    /ˈkæptɪn/ to lead and be in charge of a team, group, ship or plane Diane captained the school hockey team. είμαι επικεφαλής
    captain (v)
  • Q7
    /ˈtʃæmpiənʃɪp/ a competition which decides who is the best player The international swimming championships will be held in France next year. πρωτάθλημα
    championship (n)
  • Q8
    /kəmˈpiːt/ to take part in a competition I'd like to compete in the next track race. διαγωνίζομαι
    compete (v)
  • Q9
    /ˌenə(r)ˈdʒetɪk/ being active with a lot of energy Young children can be very energetic. ενεργητικός
    energetic (adj)
  • Q10
    /ˈfɔːwəd/ a team player, e.g. in football, who has an attacking position towards the front in a game She played as a forward in the school football team. φόργουορντ
    forward (n)
  • Q11
    /ɡəʊl/ the act of kicking a ball into a net to score a point Andy shot the winning goal for his team γκολ
    goal (n)
  • Q12
    /ˌhəʊld (ə ˈrekɔːd)/ to have (the best result or the highest level, etc.) Do you know who holds the world record for the fastest runner? κατέχω
    hold (a record) (v)
  • Q13
    /ˈsiːzn/ a period or time when an event takes place The cricket season starts around summer time. (αθλητική) σεζόν
    season (n)
  • Q14
    /ˌset (ə njuː ˈrekɔːd)/ achieve the best results than ever before in a particular activity Sam set a new personal record in swimming when he came second in the final race. κάνω/πετυχαίνω νέο ρεκορ
    set (a new record) (v)
  • Q15
    /smæʃ/ to break something He smashed the world cycling record by five minutes. σπάω
    smash (v)

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