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Persuasive Uniforms

Quiz by Lakisha Goffney

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13 questions
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  • Q1
    What is the authors's argument?
    The author supports kids wearing school uniforms.
    The atmosphere at school should be calm.
    Being unique is important at school.
    Kids should be able to wear what they want to school.
  • Q2
    How does the author support their argument?
    By conducting a survey.
    By showing different pictures of school uniforms.
    By providing several reasons why students like uniforms.
    By giving reasons why uniforms are a bad idea.
  • Q3
    The main purpose of the selection is to .....
    to provide the reader with different ways that uniforms can be worn
    persuade the reader that uniforms positive at school
    to demonstrate the many ways uniforms can be worn
    to show the reader that variety is best
  • Q4
    Why did the author use the photographs in the selection?
    To show why uniforms are important to wear.
    To allow the reader to choose which uniform they like.
    To convince the reader that girls should decide what should be worn at school.
    To show that uniforms can be casual and not uncomfortable.
  • Q5
    The sentence "I think kids in our public schools should wear uniforms" is a/an ......
  • Q6
    The sentence "Last year, for the first time, everyone was required to wear uniforms" , is a/an
  • Q7
    The sentence, " It turned out that the uniforms consisted of navy blue pants and a white top" is a/an ...
  • Q8
    The sentence, " My friends and I have decided that we like uniforms for a lot of reasons" is a/an,,,,
  • Q9
    Which sentence supports the author's argument that school uniforms are a good idea?
    Last year, for the first time, everyone was required to wear uniforms.
    There's no stress about having the "right" clothes to wear to school.
    My school includes grades 6-8.
    I think kids in our public schools should wear uniforms for a lot of reasons.
  • Q10
    Why is paragraph 2 important to the author's argument?
    It demonstrates why uniforms are a bad idea.
    It provides reasons why they believe uniforms should be worn.
    It entertains the reader with an interesting story.
    It gives the reader information about what uniforms are.
  • Q11
    The word UNIFORM refers to something that....
    different from other things
    can be worn
    is stored in an area
    exactly like something else
  • Q12
    In paragraph 3 the word UNIQUE means-
    something that is new
    not attractive
    different or special
    the same as something else or alike
  • Q13
    What is the author's primary purpose in writing the letter?
    to inform
    to scare
    to persuade
    to entertain

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