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Phone reads lips

Quiz by מיכה נזרי

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7 questions
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  • Q1

    1. How does the author define spoofing? (par. 2)

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  • Q2

    1. In addition to being a speech recognition technology, VoiceGesture can distinguishbetween a live voice and stored sounds. (par. 3)

    True or False
  • Q3

    2. According to paragraph 5, Yang's technology disables synchronic voice and passphraseverification.

    True or False
  • Q4

    1. A novel sonar-based technology will (par. 1)

    b. make the devices which use biometric identification less popular

    c. enable other users to change your recorded speech

    a. prevent someone from obtaining a recording of your speech

    d. make voice recognition systems more secure

  • Q5

    2. Extracting small pieces of your speech for reuse is not difficult due to (par. 2)

    a. the current easy access to personal sound recordings

    d. insufficient quantities of data available via social media

    b. people's lack of interest in different websites and applications

    c. the high level of security offered by voice recognition systems

  • Q6

    1. Theword "doctored" (par. 1, line 1) is used as

    c. a verb

    b. an adjective

    d. an adverb

    a. a noun

  • Q7

    4. The VoiceGesture app emits ______ acoustic signals from phones'

    loudspeakers and microphones receive________.

    a. their; it

    b. his; they

    d. its; them

    c. it; him


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