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Phrasal 2

Quiz by yana kuzmina

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20 questions
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  • Q1
    We cannot __________ such behaviour.
    Come up with
    Put through
    Come across.
    Put up with
  • Q2
    Our client ________ us last week for a couple of days.
    Handed over
    Cut down on
    Came across
    Called on
  • Q3
    The factory management decided to _______ staff due to serious losses.
    Drop off
    Lay off
    Call on
    Call off
  • Q4
    The boss offered me to ________ a new task but I am not sure.
    Drop off
    Hand over
    Take up
    Call off
  • Q5
    What do you do when you ________ an unusual application behaviour?
    Come across
    Keep up with
    Turn down
    Catch up with
  • Q6
    How often do you face the situation that the idea that you_____ is ________.
    Put forward/ turned down
    Keep up with/ dropped off
    Come across/ run out of
    Turn down/ put forward
  • Q7
    I think I need to _________ coffee.
    Get round to
    Cut down on
    Keep up with
    Take after
  • Q8
    Let's _________ the next question.
    Move on to
    Keep up to
    Get on with
    Put up with
  • Q9
    Can we _________ with these resources until Monday?
    Break up
    Cut down on
    Get by
    Keep up with
  • Q10
    We are __________ time. We need to make the decision now.
    Taking over
    Running out of
    Dropping off
    Cutting off
  • Q11
    How are you _________ your new team?
    getting on with
    Breaking up
    Moving on with
    Doing without
  • Q12
    This solution is ________. We need to think of something different.
    Cutting down on
    Falling apart
    Cutting off
    Dropping off
  • Q13
    How are you __________the changes?
    Putting through
    Turning down
    Taking up
    Keeping up with
  • Q14
    How do you usually __________ the project to a new team?
    Turn down
    Get round to
    Hand over
    Put forward
  • Q15
    I am calling you back. We were _________.
    Dropped off
    Called off
    Cut off
    Laid off

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