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Physical and Human Geography of the Colonial Regions Cluster Check

Quiz by Catherine Chesser

Grade 8
Social Studies (2018)
Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS)

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  • Q1

    Which geographic feature allowed the Mid-Atlantic Colonies to have a longer growing season than the New England Colonies ?

    Thick forests

    Flat land with rocky soil

    Mild Climate

    Navigable Rivers

  • Q2

    Boston and New Orleans were both founded as 

    farming communities

    industrial centers

    port cities

    military outposts

  • Q3

    Which human geographic factor most likely prompted this observation? 

    Question Image

    The number of religious sects in the British colonies

    The Spanish land claims close to the British colonies

    The Caribbean slave trade with the British colonies

    The number of Quakers living in British colonies

  • Q4

    Which group helped establish the colony of Maryland in the 1630s? 

    Russian merchants escaping political conflict

    Spanish workers seeking job opportunities

    English Catholics seeking religious freedom

    Irish families escaping a natural disaster

  • Q5

    This is an early map of New England published in 1677. Which of the following names to group best known for settling this region and states their reason for settling? 

    Question Image

    Merchants: To trade with the region's American Indians

    Puritans: To freely practice their religion

    Quakers: To establish a colony free of slavery

    Explorers: To map the region's rivers

  • Q6

    Catholics immigrated to the Maryland colony in the seventeenth century primarily to-

    produce cash crops to pay off debts

    profit from natural resources

    avoid crop failures and famines

    escape persecution

  • Q7

    In the 1630s, Thomas Hooker and Roger Williams disagreed with the religious leaders of Massachusetts. These disagreements were resolved when Hooker and Williams-

    petitioned Parliament to revise the Massachusetts Bay Charter

    left Massachusetts and explored the Mississippi Valley

    founded new political parties in the Massachusettes Bay area

    left Massachusetts and established new colonies


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