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Physical Change vs. Chemical Change

Quiz by Brianna Harwood

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8 questions
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  • Q1
    What is a chemical reaction?
    changing color
    when two or more molecules interact and change form or appearance
    when two or more molecules interact and create a new substance
    changing temperature
  • Q2
    What is a physical change?
    changes the interacting substances into new substances
    changes the form or appearance of a substance
    unexpected color change
  • Q3
    Which is not an example of a physical change?
    whipping eggs
    gas burning
    dicing vegetables
    boiling water
  • Q4
    What is not a type of chemical change?
    bread rising
    dissolving sugar
    eggs cooking
    iron rusting
  • Q5
    Which is an example of a physical change?
    baking a cake
    making fruit popsicles
  • Q6
    Which is an example of a chemical change
    making a fruit popsicle
    baking a cake
  • Q7
    Which of these examples is a type of physical change?
    a bicycle sits out in the rain for a year and rusts
    burning wood in a campfire
    cracking an egg
    mixing two substances; a solid is formed at the bottom
  • Q8
    Which of these is an example of a chemical change?
    melting ice
    Combing two clear substances; solution created is a bright yellow
    hammering gold until it becomes flat
    dissolving salt in water

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