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Physics Quiz Grade 8

Quiz by Muhammed Shadhul

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5 questions
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  • Q1
    Is the image correct ?( P1>P2 )
    Question Image
    Question Incorrect
  • Q2
    Why submarines are made very thick ?
    To withstand high fluid pressure.
    So that it can sink down.
    It need to be strong to move through water.
  • Q3
    What happens to pressure when we go deeper into water ?
    Remains the same
  • Q4
    Why do you think edge of the knives are sharp ?
    To decrease the pressure by increasing the area
    To decrease the pressure by increasing the area
    To increase pressure by decreasing the area
  • Q5
    Why dams are thicker at the bottom edge ?
    Pressure is more because water is more
    Pressure is more cause the amount of water is less.
    Pressure is more at the bottom of the dam due to the depth/amount of the water.

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