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Pinckard Reading

Quiz by Amanda Pinckard

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22 questions
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  • Q1
    In paragraph 1, the word negotiation means-
    an offer to buy a piece of property
    an argument over an important matter
    talking for a long time
    a serious talk in which people try to agree on something
  • Q2
    These words show that the narrator -
    views it as a perfect place
    thinks the place is ugly
    is confused
    has a realistic view
  • Q3
    Who is narrating this story?
    The lawyer who handled the purchase
    One of Don Anselmo's many relatives
    The buyer of the property
    Don Anselmo himself
  • Q4
    Which definition of skeleton is used in paragraph 2?
    Definition 4
    Definition 2
    Definition 1
    Definition 3
  • Q5
    When the American couple offers the gentleman additional money for the property, he takes some time to quietly consider their offer. What does the end of the story suggest he may have been thinking about?
    This would provide a way to make it easier for his relatives to handle the sale-they could each sell a small part, too.
    He did not need the money.
    His relatives could use the extra money, but they would not want to take it from him.
    He was truly insulted and wanted to think of a way to say this nicely.
  • Q6
    What is the main problem that the buyers face in this story?
    The buyers refuse to pay for something that is already legally theirs.
    The buyers do not have enough money to pay the relatives.
    Don Anselmo's relatives continue to use the property as it it had never been sold.
    Don Anselmo's relatives refuse to take money from the buyers.
  • Q7
    Why do the village children refuse to leave the property?
    They have nowhere else to play.
    They do not speak English.
    The children do not respect adults.
    They have always played there and see no reason to stop.
  • Q8
    Based on the story and your knowledge of prefixes, preliminary means-
    amazing or unusual
    last; final
    introductory, before the main event
    dramatic, with much fanfare
  • Q9
    In paragraph 9, Don Anselmo says, "We have all learned to love these Americans." This shows that-
    Don Anselmo thinks of himself as American , too.
    Don Anselmo is being sarcastic.
    The story takes place in a foreign country.
    Don Anselmo is talking to someone of Mexican descent.
  • Q10
    In paragraph 11, which phrase shows that Don Anselmo is powerless?
    because I could not
    I have planted a tree for that child
    I am the oldest man
    I admit that
  • Q11
    How is the setting critical to the story?
    The setting is in the past. This is important because the story is about the way people used to handle real estate.
    The setting is not specifically named. This is important because the story is about events that can happen in any city.
    The setting is a community in which Mexicans and Americans were newly living together. This is important because the story is about something that happens between people of different cultural backgrounds.
    The setting is a ranch community. This is important because the story is about the types of conflict that occur when people sell farmland.
  • Q12
    The first person point of view helps the writer-
    tell what everyone is thinking
    show one person's feelings in depth
    present the exact words of different people in the story
    give clues about what will happen later in the story
  • Q13
    Which phrase from the selection supports the statement that baseball isn't his whole life?
    Ryan wants to be known and remembered as a "gamer"
    I'm a very quiet and reserved person
    spends much time on charity work
    has not allowed fame and fortune to change his personality
  • Q14
    In paragraph 1, the author quotes Steve Buchele to show that-
    the pitcher is the most important player on a team
    Ryan's teammates admire him as much as the fans do
    Nolan Ryan is even adored by people from California
    Nolan Ryan has every right to be proud
  • Q15
    Which detail from the selection supports the author's statement that Ryan has always taken good care of his body?
    times are very different from his early days in baseball
    took pride in putting wholesome meals on the Ryan family table
    kept him going long after most players his age have retired
    he usually chooses fruit

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