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Pink and Say: Part 1

Quiz by Margaret Barron

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  • Q1
    In what war did Pinkus & Say fight?
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    The Vietnam War
    World War I
    World War II
    The Civil War
  • Q2
    Read the following sentence from the story “We gotta keep movin’. If we stay in one spot, marauders will find us. They’re ridin’ drag and lookin’ for wounded” What does the word "marauders" mean as used in the sentence above?
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  • Q3
    Pink helps Say up and takes him somewhere. Where do they end up?
    Question Image
    In a big battlefield.
    At Moe Moe Bay's house
    At Pink's house
    At Say's old farmhouse.
  • Q4
    What important skill did Pink learn from his master?
    Question Image
    How to raise chickens.
    How to shoot a gun.
    How to build a house.
    How to read.
  • Q5
    The reader can infer that when Moe Moe Bay spoke of paper talking, she referring to __________.
    Question Image
    Pinkus being able to read
    their master reading to them
    Moe Moe Bay trying to read
    the book being able to give them advice
  • Q6
    Read the following sentence from the story “I touched Mr. Lincoln’s hand. It were near Washington. We were quartered there just before Bull Run when we had to relocate.” Which definition best fits how "quartered" in used in the above sentence?
    Question Image
    To cut into quarters
    To Display
    To live
    To impose upon without permission
  • Q7
    What is so great about Say's hand?
    Question Image
    It has touched the shirt of General Grant.
    It sometimes moves on its own.
    He shook hands with Abraham Lincoln.
    It can shoot a gun perfectly.
  • Q8
    Sheldon feels that he is a coward because ________
    Question Image
    He is not able to care for himself
    Before he met Pinkus & Moe Moe Bay, he did not like African Americans
    He is scared of Pinkus & Moe Moe Bay because they are African American
    He is afraid to go back to the war, unlike Pinkus
  • Q9
    Why does Pink think they are putting Moe Moe Bay in danger by staying at her house?
    Question Image
    He knows Confederate soldiers are living near by.
    He is afraid his old master will come back.
    Marauders could show up at any time.
    He is carrying a contagious disease.
  • Q10
    “Pink & Say” is mostly written in ____________________
    Question Image
    1st Person point of view
    3rd Person point of view
  • Q11
    Who is the author of Pink and Say?
    Question Image
    Dr. Seuss
    Patricia Polacco
    Dav Pilkey
    J.K. Rowling

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