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Plants Review

Quiz by Keri Ballentine

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    What parts o the plant make up the male part of the flower?
    Pistil, Ovary, Anther
    Ovary, Stigma, Style
    Ovary, Sepal, Style
    Filament, Stamen and Anther
  • Q2
    What are the female parts of the flower?
    Filament, Stamen, Anther
    Ovary, Style, Pistil
    Ovary, Stigma, Anther
    Ovary, Stigma, Style, Pistil
  • Q3
    What is transpiration?
    the process where plants lose excess water through their leaves
    the process where plants gain excess water through their leaves
    the process where plants make sugar
    the process where oxygen combines with glucose and makes carbon dioxide
  • Q4
    What process is it called when plants make sugar?
  • Q5
    What plant structure helps anchor the plant in the ground, absorb water and nutrients, and store food?

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