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Quiz by Ongeziwe Hlupheko

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8 questions
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  • Q1
    The theory that states that Earth's crust and rigid upper mantle are broken into enormous slabs/sections which move in different directions is called.............
    Question Image
    Plate boundaries theory.
    Plate tectonics theory.
    Plate movement theory.
  • Q2
    Who came up with the theory of continental drift?
    Question Image
    Charles Darwin.
    Isaac Newton.
    Alfred Wegener.
    Albert Einstein.
  • Q3
    Why was the theory of continental drift firstly rejected by other scientists?
    Too many scientist already proposed the same theory but could not account/support it.
    The person who came up with the theory could not explain the mechanism for movement of the continents.
  • Q4
    Plate tectonics interact at plates called.......
    Collision zone.
    Subdution zone.
    Rift zone.
    Plate boundaries.
  • Q5
    The three plate boundaries are:
    Question Image
    Transform fault, convergent, slab pull.
    Transform fault, convergent, continental resistance.
    Transform fault, convergent, basal drag.
    Transform fault, convergent, divergent.
  • Q6
    The great rift valley of East Africa is an example of......
    Question Image
    Transform fault Boundaries.
    Diverging plate boundaries.
    Converging plate boundaries.
  • Q7
    The San Andreas Fault is an example of.......
    Question Image
    Transform fault boundaries.
    Converging plate boundaries.
    Diverging plate boundaries.
  • Q8
    Evidence that was found on Africa and South Africa that supports continental drift theory.
    The shapes of continental shelves match.
    Both of these continents have the same fossils, plants, and animals.
    Glacial deposits on both Continents match.

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