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Plate Tectonics

Quiz by Nicki Prax

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  • Q1
    What is Pangaea?
    a supercontinent made of the present day continents
    a large ice sheet
    a fern that lives close to the equator
    a continent made from the continents in the southern hemisphere
  • Q2
    What evidence suggests that continents were once joined
    topography of the seafloor
    divergent plate boundaries
    convergent plate boundaries
    the puzzle-like fit of coastlines
  • Q3
    Seafloor spreading is a process that
    occurs at mid-ocean ridges
    destroys oceanic crust
    causes continents to plow through the seafloor
  • Q4
    Magnetic stripes on the seafloor show that
    crust is destroyed at ridges
    Earth's magnetic field has changed
    earthquakes are common in the ocean
  • Q5
    What are tectonic plates?
    slabs of oceanic crust
    slabs of lithosphere
    slabs of asthenosphere
    slabs of continental crust
  • Q6
    What happens at a transform plate boundary?
    plates move away from each other
    plates move toward each other
    plates slide past eachother
  • Q7
    What causes tectonic plates to move?
    magnetism on the seafloor
    earthquakes in the crust
    convection in the mantle
    ocean currents
  • Q8
    Where is a subduction zone located?
    at a divergent plate boundary
    at a convergent plate boundary
    at a tranform boundary
  • Q9
    The San Andreas Fault is located where?
    at a convergent plate boundary
    at a divergent plate boundary
    at a transform plate boundary
  • Q10
    What is the correct term for what is happening at point a in the picture?
    Question Image
    mid-ocean ridge
    oceanic crust
  • Q11
    What type of plate boundary is shown in the diagram?
    Question Image
    convergent plate boundary
    divergent plate boundary
    transform plate boundary
  • Q12
    Many of California earthquakes are caused by
    two plates moving away from eachother
    an oceanic plate and a continental plate colliding
    two plates sliding past one another
    two continental plates colliding
  • Q13
    Wegener's proposal of a supercontinent was supported by
    seafloor magnetism
    rock, fossil, and climate data
    earthquake data
    convection currents in the mantle
  • Q14
    why was Wegener's continental drift hypothesis rejected when it was first proposed?
    Wegener had little seafloor magnetic data
    Wegener could not explain what caused the continents to move
    Wegener had no climate or fossil data
    Wegener could not explain why coal beds were present in Antartica
  • Q15
    How does seafloor spreading support continental drift?
    continents are not part of the Earth's lithosphere
    continents are static parts of the Earth's crust
    continents move with the ocean floor
    continents plow through the ocean floor

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