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Plate Tectonics Quiz

Quiz by Rex Williams

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  • Q1
    Which of the following is NOT evidence for continental drift?
    Earthquakes can help us "see" inside the Earth.
    Satellites can measure their movement.
    Different continents have matching rock formations.
    Similar fossils of land animals found on opposite sides of oceans.
  • Q2
    What causes the continents to move?
    Lizard people.
    Currents in the semi-liquid mantle underneath the Earth's crust.
    The rotation of the Earth.
    Earth's magnetic field.
  • Q3
    When plates move towards each other and collide, this is called...
    A convergent fault
    A transform fault
    A divergent fault
    A volcano.
  • Q4
    When plates scrape past each other, this is called...
    A convergent fault
    A volcano
    A divergent fault
    A transform fault
  • Q5
    When two plates are moving away from each other, creating new crust as they move apart, this is called...
    A convergent fault
    Lizard people
    A transform fault
    A divergent fault
  • Q6
    Oceanic crust always ends up getting pushed underneath continental crust. This is because...
    Lizard people.
    Oceanic crust is more dense than continental crust.
    Oceanic crust is harder than continental crust.
    Oceanic crust moves faster than continental crust.
  • Q7
    The Himalaya mountain range is a result of....
    A convergent fault: two plates ramming into each other.
    Giant volcanoes.
    Giant earthquakes.
    A divergent fault: two plates moving apart.
  • Q8
    Human civilization is about 4,000 (four thousand) years old. The oldest rock on Earth is about 4,000,000,000 (four billion) years old. How much older is this rock than human civilization?
    One thousand times older
    One billion times older
    One million times older
    One hundred times older

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