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  • Q1

    What is the statement of the wounded person shortly after be received several bolo stabs narrating therein the whole incident to another which is admissible in evidence as a part of:

    Res gestae

    Res judicata

  • Q2

    A, B C are board mates of D E F and G conspired to kill X, a witch,  because she is perceived to cause misery among residents in the town. D knew all about it along. After the conspiracy was executed, A B and C were arrested. The authorities learned that D knew the conspiracy but made no move to report it to the police. In this case D:

    Incur no criminal liability

    Is an accessory to murder

  • Q3

    What crime is committed when the offender, acting under a single criminal resolution, commits a series of acts in the same place at about the same time and all overt acts committed violate one and the same penal provisions?



  • Q4

    Pedro, a 19 year old man had sexual intercourse with her 11 year old girlfriend without threat, force or  intimidation. What was       the crime committed?  

    Qualified Rape 

    Statutory Rape   

  • Q5

    A threatened to kill B if the latter will not give him two thousand pesos. What crime was committed by A?

    Attempted murder

    Grave threat


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