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Plot #1 Heaven Real

Quiz by Julie Aguirre

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  • Q1
    Heaven is for Real: A Little Boy's Astounding Story of His Trip to Heaven and Back by Todd Burpo with Lynn Vincent is the story of a family who almost lost a _____, but ended up getting a glimpse of _____.
    son; Heaven
    father; a fortune
    fortune; bankruptcy
    daughter; Hell
  • Q2
    The Burpo family has been having a difficult year. Todd, the father of the family, is the main wage-earner. He is a _____, and he installs garage doors as a side business to supplement the church income. In one year he battled cancer and _____.
    small business owner; a heart attack
    pastor; a severe leg break
    missionary; the death of both of his parents
    stay-at-home dad; a bankruptcy
  • Q3
    After Todd recovered, he and his wife decided to turn a church conference into a _____.
    fun, family vacation
    way to earn extra money
    move to a different community
    way to increase the membership at their own church
  • Q4
    Right before Todd's wife, Sonja drives the kids to meet their father on vacation, their three-year-old son, Colton shows signs of illness. Fortunately, he quickly gets better so they are able to travel. Unfortunately, he becomes ill again on the trip, and things get worse _____. The boy can't stop _____ and he soon becomes listless.
    everyday; screaming
    quickly; throwing up
    over the next year; his nosebleeds
    slowly; crying
  • Q5
    The family rushes home to obtain medical care for the young boy, but he keeps getting worse. After seeing several doctors, they determine that his _____has ruptured and toxins are seeping through his system. The boy is at death's door when his parents leave him when he is wheeled off for _____.
    right lunch; more tests
    heart; the moruge
    appendix; surgery
    limbic system; counselling
  • Q6
    His little body is riddled with infection and his body doesn't functioning properly. He is ill to a point where they are going to send him to _____. A storm hinders their travels.
    faith healing minister
    a hospice to prepare for his death
    a children's hospital
  • Q7
    After a few setbacks, Colton has a _____.
    strange visitor
    miraculous recovery
    new round of medication and surgery
    new fatal diagnosis
  • Q8
    The family is celebrating his life as they drive to visit relatives a few _____ after his recovery. He begins to make some strange statements, and the family eventually realizes that the boy had been given a glimpse of heaven while he was in surgery.
  • Q9
    The family is celebrating his life as they drive to visit relatives a few _____ after his recovery. He begins to make some strange statements, and the family eventually realizes that the boy had been given a glimpse of _____ while he was in surgery.
    days; the future
    months; heaven
    years; all the faces of the medical staff
    hours; skill required to become a surgeon
  • Q10
    At first the parents can't believe that their son has seen _____, but as months and years drag on, Colton continued telling them things about Jesus, God, and heaven that he couldn't possibly have known _____.
    Heaven; at his young age
    the truth about business; starting his own business
    the entire story for a book; without dying
    the future; without going to a theological college
  • Q11
    Their son describes the heavenly thrones, the triune God, and angels. Colton says he met a ______ he never knew he had. It was a child that Sonja had _____. He even knew all about Pop, Todd's grandfather, who had _____.
    brother; asked to leave home; moved to Australia
    brother; given up for adoption; become blind
    sister; miscarried; died long before the boy was born
    cousin; aborted; sang songs when Colton was born
  • Q12
    Todd is amazed at how the young boy's descriptions match up with passages from the _____ that the child knew nothing about.
    Holy Bible
    Book of Mormon
  • Q13
    At one point Colton even identifies a painting of Jesus that he says is _____. It is a painting done by a girl who started having visions of heaven when she was four.
    not at all like the real Jesus
    full of huge errors
    artistically lovely
  • Q14
    The family starts sharing Colton's story _____ after the event. They find that it helps people.
  • Q15
    By the end of the book, the boy is _____ years old. He would talk about heaven every once in a while, but _____.
    fourteen; he needed to revisit heaven after every time he talked about it
    forty; he mostly wanted to be left alone
    eleven; hadn't been there since his experience as a three-year-old
    four; wanted to go back to heaven as soon as possible

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